My name is Guillermo Vidal. All my friends call me Willy and it is for this reason that my wines bear this name.

I am very grateful that you have taken some time to access my website and pay attention to my words. I will be brief and I will speak with the same love and passion with which I make my wines.

There is a saying that what is good if brief is twice as good.

Willy Vidal.

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My love for wine.

In 2004 my uncle offered me the chance to start working with him in my aunt's

family's winery. The objective is to market the wines produced in Castilla la Mancha,

Spain, throughout the world. Although, the agreement contemplates the obligation of

having to work for a year in the field and the factory to know very well and first hand,

the entire process of harvesting, fermentation, aging, bottling and storage of wine.

                                                  The place where those vineyards were located was a town of less than a                                                                thousand inhabitants. It's called Fuente de Pedro Naharro in Tarancón (90km from                                                    Madrid) and the truth is that it wasn't very easy for me, being only 19 years old                                                      and wanting to party, spending days working hard in this beautiful but small                                                          town. In any case, on weekends he could travel to Madrid and destroy                                                                  everything.


After this experience, which I recognize today as very enriching,

I was able to travel to London where I created an international

trade office to manage the sale of wine throughout Europe. 

I managed to learn English well and in 2008 I decided to travel

to Shanghai in China where I lived for two years and developed the

business to introduce our wine throughout Asia.

                                            Upon returning from China, my goal was to establish myself in Madrid and be able to                                              direct the export department of the winery, but my uncle already had another idea in                                                his head, they were negotiating the sale of his stake in the winery.

                                            Once the sale was executed, I quickly decided that it was time to create my own                                                    wine and I traveled with a winemaker friend to the Ribera del Duero wineries to                                                      develop first-hand what would be my first wine, which

                                            I called Casus Belli.


                                            Over time, for personal reasons, I left that project to

                                            dedicate myself to another of my businesses and it is

                                            now in 2020 that I have been able to buy a plot of

                                            vineyards in La Seca where the best Verdejo grapes

                                            and the best wines with Rueda denomination of origin are born.

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